Important Policies & Procedures 

Check-ins begin 15 minutes before service begins. We do not allow children to be dropped off before then. This is to allow our volunteers an opportunity to pray together and be prepared for welcoming our students.  
Rule of Two
We require two volunteers in a room with children at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule. If a volunteer is alone in a classroom, they may ask you to wait with your child until a second volunteer arrives. Please know this is for the safety of volunteers and children.  
Name Badges/Parent Badges
Student name badges help teachers know important information about your child (allergies, medical alerts, etc.). Both the student and the parent MUST have their badges for dismissal. This is to ensure the safety of our students. If you have misplaced your parent badge, you will not be allowed on the children’s wing. The Sunday morning coordinator will check our check-in system to ensure that you were the person who checked in your child. Once that is confirmed, we will release your child to you.
Dismissal Procedures
Part of maintaining a safe environment is that we have an orderly procedure for dismissal. Your child’s teacher will dismiss students ONE AT A TIME. Please encourage your child to wait until their name is called by the teacher rather than calling them to the door. This allows the teacher to check parent badges in a more efficient manner.  
Age-Appropriate Classrooms
Our classrooms are set up specifically for the developmental needs of the age group they are designed for. Therefore, it is difficult to allow older siblings to join a younger sibling in a classroom.  
If your child has been sick in the last 24 hours, they are not permitted in the children’s wing. This includes yellow or green nasal discharge, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, pink eye and unexplained rashes.  This is to protect your child and the health of other children and volunteers.  
Food and Drink
Children ages 3 and up are not allowed to bring food and drink into the children’s hallway. Younger children should have a sippy cup or bottle that is clearly labeled with their first and last name.  
Children four and under are given snacks on a weekly basis. This may include Goldfish crackers, cheerios, or Gerber puffs and water. Occasionally, candy is given as a prize to our elementary-aged students. If your child has any special dietary restrictions, please make sure it is noted in our check-in system and you have communicated with the teacher. You are welcome to send alternative snacks for your child in a clearly labeled container.  
Curriculum and Teaching 
We use the GROW Curriculum as a foundation for our Sunday morning lessons. Short video clips will only be used for reinforcement of the lesson, while primary teaching and application is achieved through interactive activities and play. Parents can review our lessons at  
10 Minute Rule
If a child is upset and cannot be soothed through standard interventions over a course of ten minutes, we will alert parents. Parents can then decide if they would like to remove their child from the classroom or if they would like for them to stay.
Diaper Changes 
Every child who wears diapers will receive a diaper check/change at least once throughout the service. Only female volunteers will change diapers. It is helpful for parents to provide diapers and wipes, but we do keep some on hand for emergencies. Volunteers will not apply any sort of rash cream etc. without written instructions from parents. 
Contacting Parents 
Should the need to contact parents during service arise, our Sunday morning coordinator will first send a text message to parents. If we do not hear from the parent within ten minutes, the tech team will post your parent badge number on the screen on the stage. 

We have plans in place for severe weather events and for other types of emergencies. Our volunteer team reviews these policies several times a year. If you would like more information, please contact Suzie Williams. 
Social Media/Photos 
Any photos taken by our volunteers will only be used by CCC’s media outlets and will be approved by the Director of Children’s Ministries before posting. If you do not wish for us to use your child’s picture on our Facebook or Instagram pages, please indicate that on their check-in profile AND have them wear a wristband each week. This helps our team know who should not be photographed.