Pop Tabs with Purpose

Interested in an easy way to get involved in helping our local community both by raising funds for those in need and recycling old things? Look no further than Pop Tabs with Purpose!

What is Pop Tabs with Purpose?
The idea was first brought to our attention by Abby Hedge, an upcoming 7th grader in our kid’s ministry who has a heart to serve our community. She has invited us as a church to support the local organization “The Family House of West GA” (aka FHWG), that seeks to serve visiting families who are in need. Their mission statement is this:

“To serve the families of children who visit Columbus for extended healthcare treatment. These families face enormous hurdles coping with the extraordinary costs, and emotional and physical distress of being away from home during a crisis. Removing the stress of daily living will allow these families to focus on what truly matters: their child’s healing and recovery.”
What does this have to do with pop tabs? Well, that’s where our task as a church begins! The more pop tabs we can collect, the more money we can raise for families who need our help, and assist in their journey of healing.

How can I help?
It’s simple--All you need is pop tabs from any ordinary soda can! Our church is inviting you to donate pop tabs in the lobby or in the kid’s wing. All pop tabs will be recycled, and for every pound collected the FHWG will receive the current market value for aluminum (which will then be donated to local families in need!).

When should I donate my pop tabs?
We will be collecting pop tabs through July 11 (the end of VBS!). Please be sure to donate before this date so that you can help out this great cause!

We are grateful to have the opportunity to make an impact for the FHWG and all of the families involved, and we are also excited to support our student Abby Hedge with this cause, while empowering her to assist in local ministry!

Written by Kimber Ayers, FORM Summer Intern

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